[Item #55423] Sixty-three Publications Issued by the Union of Democratic Control, 1914-1921. PACIFISM - WW1, UNION OF DEMOCRATIC CONTROL.

Sixty-three Publications Issued by the Union of Democratic Control, 1914-1921

London: Union of Democratic Control, 1914-1921. Collection of 63 publications, including 25 numbered pamphlets (ca 12-32pp each) and 38 leaflets (1-16pp each). Generally ca 20cm x 14cm, with slight variations; printed paper wrappers. Variable light to moderate wear, but complete, Good or better overall.

A comprehensive collection of materials published under the auspices of the Union of Democratic Control, a British political advocacy group which sought, during the years of the First World War and its aftermath, to increase the role of democratic processes and parliamentary control in British government, especially with regards to its foreign relations. During the Great War, the UDC stopped short of outright pacifism; after 1918, the organization plotted a more intentionally anti-war course, ultimately publishing its pacifist manifesto, Arthur Ponsonby's Now is the Time, in 1925 (not included here). The Union's members included many of the most prominent liberal and labour politicians and intellectuals of the era, including Arthur Ponsonby, Bertrand Russell, Norman Angell, Ramsay MacDonald, and others. Given the prominence of its members, the Union exerted considerable influence on British foreign policy in the interwar period, and though its influence waned steeply after the Thirties, the Union survived well into the post-WW2 era, finally dissolving in 1966. While UDC publications are not generically rare, this is the largest collection of their publications we have encountered at one time, offering a representative view of the group's political advocacy over its most active period. A catalog of the collection follows (all published London: Union of Democratic Control unless otherwise specified):.

Pamphlet Series:

1. The Morrow of the War. 16pp. n.d. (1914)
2. Angell, Norman. Shall This War End German Militarism? 24pp. n.d. (1914)
3. Russell, Bertrand. War: the Offspring of Fear. n.d. 16pp. (1914)
4. Brailsford, H.N. The Origins of the Great War. 24pp. (1914)
5. Ponsonby, Arthur. Parliament and Foreign Policy. 12pp. n.d. (1914?)
5a. Ponsonby, Arthur. The Control of Foreign Policy. 16pp. (1918)
6. Asquith, H.H.; Winston Churchill, Edward Grey, et al. The National Policy As Set Forth By... 16pp. (1914)
7. The International Industry of War. n.d. 16pp.
8. MacDonald, J. Ramsay. War and the Workers: a Plea for Democratic Control. 20pp. n.d. (1915?)
9. Why we should state Terms of Settlement. 8pp. n.d.
10. Rolland, Romain et al. Towards an International Understanding. Being the Opinions of some Allied & Neutral Writers. 28pp. n.d.
11. Swanwick, H.M. Women and War. 16pp. (NOTE: Covers detached, but present). 1915.
12. By "A Pole." The Polish Problem. 20pp. n.d.
13. Angell, Norman. The Prussian in our Midst. 28pp. (1915)
14a. The Balance of Power. 2nd Edition. 24pp. 1915.
15a. Hobson, J.A. A League of Nations. 20pp. 1915.
16a. Hobson, J.A. Labour and the Costs of War. 16pp. 1916.
18a. Brailsford, H.N. Turkey and the Roads of the East. 24pp. 1916.
19a. Dickinson, G. Lowes. Economic War After the War. 20pp. 1916.
20a. Angell, Norman. America and the Cause of the Allies. 16pp. 1916.
21a. "By a Soldier." The War to End War: a Plea to Soldiers by a Soldier. 20pp. 1917.
22a. Morel, E.D. The African Problem and the Peace Settlement. 32pp. 1917.
23a. Gooch, G.P. The Races of Austria-Hungary. 24pp. 1917.
27a. Peace Overtures and Their Rejection December 1916 - March, 1918. 21pp. 1918.
42a. Demartial, M. Georges. Patriotism, Truth and War Guilt. 30pp. 1921.

Leaflet Series:

(Unnumbered). Fundraising Prospectus. Broadside (1pp). N.d. (ca 1914-15). Signed in print by E.A. Morel.

No. 3: Why Have the People take no Interest in Foreign Affairs. Broadside (1pp). n.d. (1914?)
No. 4: What is the Balance of Power? Broadside (1pp). n.d. (1914?)
No. 5: "Crushing Germany". 4pp. n.d. (1914?)
No. 6: What is a Treaty? Broadside (1pp). n.d. (1914?)
No. 8: Our Soldiers and the Union of Democratic Control. Letters from Officers and Men. 4pp. (1915).
No. 9: Do Nations Want to Fight? Broadsheet (2pp). n.d. (1915?)
No. 10. Ponsonby, Arthur. Why We Should Think About Peace. 4pp. n.d. (1915?)
No. 11. Morel, E.D. War and Diplomacy. Being a Speech delivered at a Public Meeting...May 14th, 1915). 12pp. (1915).
No. 14b. The Union of Democratic Control What It Is and What It Is Not. Second Edition. Broadsheet (2pp). 1915.
No. 15b. Mr. Ponsonby and Mr. Trevelyan in the House of Commons. 11pp. 1915.
No. 16b. Earl Loreburn & Lord Courtney of Penwith in the House of Lords. 8pp. 1915.
No. 17b. What the Press Now Says: More Support for the U.D.C. Broadsheet (2pp). 1915.
No. 18b. Terms of Peace. Mr. C.R. Buxton on a Basis for Discussion. 4pp. n.d. (1915?).
No. 19b. Secret Diplomacy a Menace to the Security of the State. The National and Imperial Problem. 8pp. (1915)
No. 20b. The Attack upon Freedom of Speech. The Broken-Up Meeting at the Memorial Hall, 29th November, 1915. 3rd ed. 24pp. (1915)
No. 21b. The Attack upon Freedom of Speech. Astound Official Defence. House of Commons Sequel to the Broken up Meeting... 2nd ed. 28pp. (1915).
No. 22b. Our Ultimate Objects in the War. From a Speech by Mr. E.D. Morel...November 22nd, 1915. 4pp. (1915)
No. 26b. The Prime Minister's Declaration. Its Effect on Germany. 4pp. (1916)
No. 27b. Trevelyan, Charles. The Case for Negotiation. 4pp. 1916.
No. 28b. What Our Allies Think About Economic War. 8pp. 1916.
No. 29b. Ponsonby, Arthur. Why Must the War Go On? 4pp. (1916).
No. 30b. Resolutions Passed at the Second Annual Meeting of the General Council of the Union of Democratic Control. Broadside (1p). 1916.
No. 31b. America and Permanent Peace. Speech of President Wilson to the American League to Enforce Peace...4pp. 1916.
No. 32b. Must the War go on till Russia gets Constantinople? Broadside (1pp). (1916).
No. 33b. President Wilson's Message to the World. 8pp. (1917)
No. 34b. British Working-Men – Observe! French Workers Support Wilson. Broadside (1pp). (1917)
No. 35b. French Members of Parliament and the "Knock-out Blow." Broadside (1pp). (1917)
No. 36b. Manifesto of Russian Workers & Soldiers. Broadside (1pp). (1917)
No. 37b. Free Russia and the Union of Democratic Control. A Common Policy. 4pp. (1917)
No. 38b. Then Why Go On? Broadside (1pp). (1917)
No. 39b. Russia's Real Aims: an Appeal to British Democracy. By the Minister of Agriculture in the Russian Provisional Government. Broadsheet (2pp). (1917). No. 40b. Secret Diplomacy No. 1. Lies That Helped to Make the War. 4pp. (1917).
No. 41b. Secret Diplomacy No. 2. Peace Proposals: What are the Real Facts. Broadsheet (2pp). (1917)
No. 42b. Vindication of Mr. Morel in the House of Commons. 4pp. (1917)
No. 43b. Secret Diplomacy No. 3. Secret Treaties Between the Allies. 4pp. 1917.
No. 44b. How to Get a Permanent Peace. Being a short statement of the objects and policy of the Union of Democratic Control. 16pp. 1917.
No. 45b. How to Get Permanent Peace...With Full Particulars Showing You How You Can Help... 14pp. 1917.

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