The Panthers and The Law. AFRICAN AMERICANA, Michael SINGER, Lynn Phillips, BLACK PANTHER PARTY.

The Panthers and The Law

New York: The New York Media Project, 1970. First Edition. Quarto (35.5cm x 21.5cm); mimeographed sheets (printed recto and verso), stapled at upper left corner; 10pp. Three old horizontal folds smoothed-out, some trivial wear to extremities; Very Good+.

A compelling document, consisting of an article on the Black Panther Party published in the February 23, 1970 issue of Newsweek magazine that has been critically annotated by The New York Media Project. Within a week of publication, Elbert "Big Man" Howard, the BPP's Deputy Information Minister, released a scathing editorial in the February 28th issue of The Black Panther (reprinted in full on p.9), addressing the portrayal of the organization by Newsweek: "I find it necessary to write this article, because of the transformation in the pig press...transformation in terms of their literary style and technique in degrading the Black Panther Party...So I would like to say to the people in the community, everyone who's involved in the liberation struggle in America, I would like to say to you that we, the Black Panther Party, consider this issue of Newsweek magazine and probably all of their issues to be 'venom spouted from the mouths of snakes' or in this case 'from the pen of a snake or serpent,' because they're characterizing our Party in a very unmaterialistic and undialectic way. They make statements that would lead one to believe that the Black Panther Party is something other than a liberation army, put together by the poor and oppressed people."

The Newsweek article is systematically dismantled and fact-checked in the parallel annotations supplied by The New York Media Project, founded by Michael Singer and Lynn Phillips in 1968. "The purpose was to organize media workers in the "overground" media: newspapers, TV networks, and publishing, to help them understand the truth about the war in Vietnam, as we saw it from the left, and to understand how much bias there was in the so called "objective" media...We wrote a very tough critical response to a Newsweek cover story on the Black Panther Party. We made the critique into a handout and distributed it at Newsweek. It cause a very big discussion among workers there" (Blog post: Singer, Michael. October 19, 2008. Newsreel). OCLC notes holdings at UCLA only.

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