[Drop title] Duty of Abolitionists to Pro-Slavery Ministers and Churches. AFRICAN-AMERICANA - SLAVERY, ABOLITION.

[Drop title] Duty of Abolitionists to Pro-Slavery Ministers and Churches

[Concord: John R. French, 1841]. First Edition. Pamphlet presenting the correspondence between the feminist marriage reformer and abolitionist Henry C. Wright and the leadership of the First Church in Newbury, Massachusetts, beginning with Wright's resignation: "While you thus continue by your silence or otherwise to sustain this system of wrong and outrage [slavery]--I cannot regard you as a christian church: and I DO HEREBY RENOUNCE YOU AS A CHRISTIAN CHURCH" (p. 3). Pamphlet includes the Church's responses, from Ezra Hale and D.T. Kimball, stating that "so long as he shall sustain /these/ charges, upon /this ground/ alone, and maintain his present views of church fellowship with us, so long his connection with us must be suspended" (p. 5). 16mo (15.5cm.); single printed leaf folded into 8-pp. uncut pamphlet. General dust-soil and minor wear from handling, else Very Good and sound.

Price: $200.00

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