Phrenological Marshall Bayliss

N.p. ca. 1843. A posting on (2005) identifies a Marshall Bayliss who "...flourished in the Fredericksburg VA area as some sort of traveling salesman, 1830s-1840s. Left the area, later passing through in 1854 as a phrenologist..." Bayliss advertises in the Washington [D.C.] Sentinel for 23 April 1854: "Marshall Bayliss, Phrenologist, has taken rooms at Baker's Exchange Hotel, C Street...examinations made and charts prepared on application as above."

The chart includes a printed list describing thirty-five purported character traits, from "Amativeness" to "Causality." Also includes a printed list of four "Temperaments," of which two are checked, with a manuscript note in summary immediately below: "Nervous sanguine," dated 17 Jun 1843. Not recorded in OCLC under title or author (2019). Broadside, 12" x 7", numbered text printed in single column, completed in manuscript. Paper somewhat browned; area of erosion extending into text from right-hand margin, costing a few characters but without loss of sense. Identified in manuscript as a reading for one "Henry B. McDonald," with scores written in ink along left margin.

Price: $250.00

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