Nov. 4! Join Us!

[New York: November 4th Committee, 1972?]. First Edition. Single leaf folded into 6-panelled brochure; small quarto (22cm.); text and illus. printed in brown. Fine condition.

Organizational leaflet promoting a rally to be held before the November 7th elections, in order to "Support the 7 Point Plan of the NLF PRG," "End All National and Racial Discrimination," and "End the Attacks on the Working People!" Among the sponsors of the event were the Puerto Rican Socialist Party, the Movimiento Popular Dominicano, and the Attica Brigade. Rally locations included the Plaza Borinquena in the Bronx, and City College's Lewisohn Stadium, a year before it demolition. However, a search of contemporary newspapers shows no record of such an event taking place at either venue, though the Philadelphia chapter of the Committee successfully held an evening event featuring Angela Davis. This item not separately catalogued in OCLC as of August, 2019.

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