[Poster] Nous Sommes Tous "Indesirables" MAI 68 MOVEMENT, Bernard RANCILLAC, artist.

[Poster] Nous Sommes Tous "Indesirables"

[Paris? Atelier Populaire? 1968]. First Edition. Original poster (55x43cm.) printed offset in black and red on white stock; previous folds, some spotting, else a Very Good, mostly fresh copy. This is one of at least two states (no priority), the other printed entirely in purple.

Mai 68 protest poster attributed to Bernard Rancillac, a "pioneer of French figurative narrative" (tate.org.uk), who would use the same photographic portrait of Daniel Cohn-Bendit in at least three posters during his participation with the Atelier Populaire. Cohn-Bendit was born in France to German Jewish parents who had fled the Nazis in the 1930s. While still in his early teens his family returned to Germany where he gained citizenship upon turning 14, though he would return to Paris for university. While there he became a leading mem
ber of the Groupe Anarchiste de Nanterre and the 22 March Movement, though due to his activities he would be expelled from France back to Germany on the charges of being a seditious alien and therefore "indesirable." Though he would be absent for much of the May 68 student protests in Paris, Cohn-Bendit would become one of the faces of the movement, and Rancillac would simultaneously produce a similar poster featuring the same portrait, with the text "Nous Sommes Tous des Juifs et des Allemands" ("We Are All Jewish and German"), while a third poster would feature Cohn-Bendit alongside Che Guevara. See Johan Kugelberg and Philippe Vermès, "Beauty Is In the Street: A Visual Record of the May '68 Paris Uprising" (2011), pp. 91, 148, and 260.

Price: $1,500.00

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