Support Farmworkers Union - Vote No on Prop. 22. AMERICA LATINA – UNITED FARM WORKERS.

Support Farmworkers Union - Vote No on Prop. 22

N.p. United Farm Workers, [1972]. Proposition 22, the so-called California "agribusiness" bill, would have strongly limited the power of agricultural unions at a time when the UFW was just beginning consolidate its power in California and to win major concessions with growers and producers. Producers poured over a million dollars – an extraordinary sum in 1972 dollars – into promoting the bill, while activism against the bill became the major focus of César Chavez, the UFW, and a majority of California Democrats in the months leading up to the 1972 elections. Gerry Brown, at this time California's Secretary of State, brought the battle (and himself) to national attention when he accused growers of using fraudulent tactics to get the bill on the ballot. Evidence that such activism extended down to the local level – and of the degree to which local farmworkers were energized by the UFW's successes in the Sixties – is offered by such clearly handmade, small-run posters as the current example, which though without attribution, imprint, or locale was clearly the work of a talented hand, probably intended for window display in just a few locations. Original silkscreened poster, 20" x 13"; printed in black and white on thick red paperstock. Mild creasing to corners; old adhesive remnants to verso; Very Good or better. A nicely designed and clearly locally-produced poster, featuring white lettering over a silhouette of the UFW aguila, issued for the 1972 anti-Prop. 22 protests.

Price: $650.00

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