[Item #41785] Rally Against Reefer Madness - Stop the Witch Hunt! COUNTERCULTURE - GRAPHICS, Dana FRANZEN, Smoke-In Central, design.

Rally Against Reefer Madness - Stop the Witch Hunt!

Washington DC: Smoke-In Central, 1985. First Edition. Offset lithographed poster in colors, 58cm x 43cm (ca 23" x 17"). Original vertical and horizontal folds (as issued), else a fine, fresh, apparently uncirculated example.

Terrific punk-inflected poster advertising a 1985 rally in the Capital to promote marijuana legalization and oppose police brutality, especially the then-burgeoning phenomenon of police tasers (here called "stun-guns"). Features a vivid central caricature of President Ronald Reagan, who is surrounded by vignettes of police brutality; along the upper quadrant Nancy Reagan chases a line of potheads (including Groucho Marx and the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers) through the sky, wielding a stun-gun while sitting astride a flying pig. Copy at the Center for the Study for Political Graphics, and not uncommon in commerce (though fine copies are unusual); otherwise unlocated in institutional collectons.

Price: $250.00

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