Bring the War Home! Chicago - Oct. 11. NEW LEFT, SDS / WEATHER UNDERGROUND.

Bring the War Home! Chicago - Oct. 11

Chicago: SDS [Students for a Democratic Society], [1969]. First Edition. Quite scarce organizational leaflet for the disastrous 1969 Weathermen rally in Chicago, popularly known as "The Days of Rage." The protest was scheduled to take place on the anniversary of the 1968 Chicago demonstrations: "It has been almost a year since the Democratic Convention, when thousands of young people came together in Chicago and tore up pig city for five days...this fall people are coming back to Chicago: more powerful, better organized, and more together than we were last August." But the action was a legendary failure; only 300 protesters actually showed; they were far outnumbered by police and by the end of the weekend 287 of the 300 protesters had been arrested. The event was widely criticized as a pointless flop, even by observers on the left, and led directly to the SDS/Weathermen split. An infrequently seen SDS item; none others in commerce (2017), OCLC locates 6 copies only, all in U.S. institutions. Octavo (23cm). Folded pamphlet consisting of a single sheet accordion-folded to make 8pp; illustrated cover and four photographic text illustrations. Printed in black on thin white stock; Fine, apparently unread copy.

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