[Poster] Your Wages Up or Down!

Pittsburgh: National Miners Relief Committee, n.d., but 1928. Poster advertising the buying and selling of Solidarity Certificates, issued by the communist-led National Miners Relief Committee, formed in response to a 16 month-long strike which left 150,000 miners in Ohio and Pennsylvania unemployed. The strike began after the workers in the bituminous coal fields experienced signifiant wage cuts in 1928. When the United Mine Workers' Union failed to support its members, the National Miners Relief Committee was formed, gaining notoriety after collaborating with Hollywood film director Sam Burke in the making of the propagandistic silent film documentary "The Miners' Strike" (1928). The present poster apparently issued early in the strike, warning readers that "If the Miners Union is destroyed the open shopper will next attack other organized trades" and "the American Labor movement will suffer a fatal blow and wages of organized as well as unorganized workers will go down." Members of the labor classes were thus encouraged to "Enlist at once in the Biggest Campaign for Strikers Relief ever undertaken by the Workers of America by buying and selling Solidarity Certificates for Miners Relief," the money being used for food and tents to feed and shelter the families of the striking miners. We find no copies catalogued in OCLC as of August, 2017.


Steven J. Ross. Working-Class Hollywood (1999), p. 221.

M. Keith Booker. Film and the American Left (1999), p. 21. Original photo-illustrated poster (63.5x48.5cm.) printed lithograph in brown on white stock; previous horizontal folds, extremities a bit chipped, else Very Good and sound overall.

Price: $850.00

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