Prevent World War III: Monthly Bulletin [Collection of 66 Issues]. PACIFISM, SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF WORLD WAR III.

Prevent World War III: Monthly Bulletin [Collection of 66 Issues]

New York: Society for the Prevention of World War III, 1944-1971. The Society was founded in 1944 by novelist Rex Stout for the promotion of the complete disarmament of Germany, arguing that "The widespread habit of setting the Nazis apart from the German people results from an inadequate knowledge of German history...The forces in Germany that raised Hitler to power and have maintained him, are the identical forces that stood behind Bismarck, and Kaiser Wilhelm. Any treatment of the enemy, after military victory, which does not destroy those forces, will leave Germany as strong and dangerous as ever" (from the opening statement in No. 1). Though the Society remained active until 1972 (the last issue being no. 78), its single-minded trajectory and continuous anti-German virulence would cause it to lose what influence it had by the late 1940s (the journal quickly transitioned from monthly to quarterly). The early issues, however, boast a number of high-profile contributors and members, including its President Rex Stout, William Shirer, Nobel laureate Sigrid Unset, Booth Tarkington, and others. Sixty-six issues in original wrappers; quartos (27.75cm.); all bound in pictorial card wrappers; illus. & cartoons throughout. Publication sequence as follows: Nos. 1-35, 41, 43-51, 56-69, 71-77. Some light wear, especially to earliest issues, else a Very Good to Near Fine collection, nearly a complete run.

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