Group of 29 Winthrop Press Miniature Books

[New York]: The Winthrop Press, [1914]. 1. Barnes, Charles R. His Pupil. 1 copy in OCLC.
2. Browne, Porter Emerson. A Delegation from "De Ate." 1 copy in OCLC.
3. Catlin, H.C. Jimmie's Waterloo. 6 copies in OCLC.
4. Chester, George Randolph. Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford: J. Rufus Bets a Town Council. 5 copies in OCLC.
5. Chester, George Randolph. Blue Pete's Escape. 6 copies found in OCLC.
6. Culver, R.K. The Range Rivals. 7 copies in OCLC.
7. England, George Allan. Out Of The Real. 8 copies in OCLC.
8. Ford, Sewell. How Maizie Came Through. Not found in OCLC.
9. Ford, Sewell. Getting In With The Glory Be. 1 copy in OCLC.
10. Ford, Sewerll. Frosting the Profess. 3 copies in OCLC.
11. Glaspel, Susan. According To His Lights. 12 copies found in OCLC.
12. Glass, Montague. Something Just As Good. 4 copies in OCLC.
13. Glass, Montague. And The Greatest Of These. 6 copies in OCLC.
14. Henry, O. Calloway's Code. 4 copies in OCLC.
15. Henry, O. The Sleuths. 2 copies in OCLC.
16. Irwin, Wallace. Love and the Beauty Doctor. 8 copies in OCLC.
17. Kipling, Rudyard. The Three Musketeers. 6 copies in OCLC.
18. Lessing, Bruno. Romeoff and Julietsky. 1 copy in OCLC.
19. Lessing, Bruno. Lapidowitz's List. 2 copies in OCLC.
20. MacAlarney, Robert E. Aaron Luckett's Gridiron Gloat. 1 copy in OCLC.
21. Middleton, George. His Great Play. 8 copies in OCLC.
22. Millard, Bailey. The Lion Girl. 7 copies in OCLC.
23. Nourse, W.J.H. With Doc Cook at the North Pole. 7 copies in OCLC.
24. Pearsall, R.J. Chit and a Chinaman. 3 copies in OCLC.
25. Pendexter, Hugh. The Mantle of Red Evans. 8 copies in OCLC.
26. Peple, Edward. The Mister Clink Thurston's Duel. 5 copies in OCLC.
27. Reed, John. El Cosmopolita. 7 copies in OCLC.
28. Scheffauer, Herman. The Path Of The Moth. 4 copies in OCLC.
29. Thompson, C.S. Gentleman Jim. 7 copies in OCLC. Twenty-nine (29) miniature books (2.25" x 2.75"); illustrated wrappers, stapled; ca.32-48pp. Light wear to extremities, oxidation to staples, with occasional dust-soil to wrappers and a few odd creases; Very Good+.

Attractive group of of titles from the Winthrop Press series of miniatures that were distributed as premiums in packets of Egyptienne "Straights" Cigarettes. "One story accompanying each package. 100 titles ready-more in preparation" (from inner rear wrappers). The Knights of Columbus - the world's largest fraternal service organization - were known to ship cartons of cigarettes and their accompanying books to American soldiers overseas during World War I. Many titles were reprinted from earlier magazine or book appearances, though some titles in the series represent the first separate appearance in book form. Contents of the group include:.

Price: $1,500.00

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