Autograph Letter, Signed, Addressed to J.F. Byrnes. INTERNATIONAL WORKINGMEN'S ASSOCIATION, R. M. BOYLES.

Autograph Letter, Signed, Addressed to J.F. Byrnes

Reynoldsville, PA: 1875. Two-page autograph letter on single letterhead leaf of Aberg & Himes, City Prescription Drug Store, dated Feb. 20, 1875. Previous mail folds, minor wear from handling, else Very Good and sound.

Letter from a local Pennsylvania doctor regarding "a circular [that] was placed in my possession Directed 'to the Industrial Classes.' We have no organizations of either Sovereigns of Industry nor patrons of husbandry in this section of the country that I am acquainted with and I write you for special information concering the organization of Lodges...I have some considerable experiences in organizing and would like to know all about Sovereigns of Industry & their future prospects..." Addressed to Jacob F. Byrnes, secretary of the Pennsylvania branches of the Sovereigns of Industry and the International Workingmen's Association. The IWA, also known as the First International, would dissolve in 1876. The Second International would not be founded until 1889.

Price: $125.00

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