" " i [England, "Friend" of Russia]. Anonymous artist.

" " i [England, "Friend" of Russia]

N.p. S.i., [ca 1918]. Anonymous poster in emulation of the "Rosta Windows" style made famous by Mayakovsky and Cheremnykh during the Civil War period (1918-1922). The seven panels depict England and the United States as mercenary land-grabbers who disguise their self-interest with claims of "friendship" and "protection" of the Russian people. No imprint or date, but clearly from early in the Civil War period; artist not identified but likely by a follower of Mikhail Cheremnykh, founder of the Rosta Studio, whose work this most resembles. Machine lithographed poster in colors, 62cm x 43.5cm (ca 24" x 17"). Linen-backed. Paper age-toned, with a few brief closed tears in margins; horizontal crack to sheet below bottom panel; no losses or restorations; still a Very Good example, Grade B/B-.

Price: $1,250.00

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