Off Our Backs: A Woman's News-Journal - Substantial Run of 51 Issues. WOMEN, Marilyn WEBB, ed.

Off Our Backs: A Woman's News-Journal - Substantial Run of 51 Issues

Washington DC: Off Our Backs, 1970-1978. First Edition. Large collection of one of the longest-running feminist newspapers, co-founded by Marilyn Webb, which only ceased publication in 2008. Published by the oob collective, which originally consisted of Webb, Marlene Wicks, Heidi and Nan Steffens, Norma Lesser, and Nancy Ferro, OOB was produced as a general newssource, often with themed issues, with a radical feminist slant. Among the most notable columns present here is "Survival," a nonsexist how-to guide, covering spermicides, nutrition, fertility, and home breast exams. Despite the emphasis on the collective, there was some unrest within OOB beginning as early as 1971, when the lesbian element of the collective left to found their own periodical, Furies. See Kathleen L. Endres & Therese L. Lueck's Women's Periodicals in the United States: Social and Political Issues (1996), pp. [265]-273. 52 tabloid issues (43cm.), with publication sequence as follows: Vol. 1, nos. 5-7 & 11-24; Vol. 2, nos. 2-10; Vol. 3, nos. 1-12; Vol. IV, nos. 1-6, 9-12; Vol. V, no. 5; Vol. VI, no. 3; Vol. 7, no. 2; Vol. 8, no. 4. Format slighty varying, all issues with vertical or horizontal fold as issued; uniformly toned, else a Near Fine collection.

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