Tee-Pee-Gee (The Prison Game)

Milwaukee, WI: Tee-Pee-Gee Company, n.d. but ca.1950. "The fascination of this game lies in the variety of ways, chances, and combinations in which it can be played. For instance - a player may decide to play all the men on the straight and narrow path to freedom by being pardoned, or take a shorter but more risky method as a fugitive. The trials of fate and temptation may enter at any time and upset all plans. This novel game, which may be played by two to six players, illustrates the separation of prisoners from the outside world and their discipline and reformation. It is a game of chance and skill and the possibility of your opponents' chance to win depends upon where and how you make your moves. It will hold you spellbound from beginning to end" - opening statement from instruction booklet.

A prison-themed board game with a phantom manufacturer; our research has failed to reveal much information about either one, though in theory and objective, it bears remarkable similarities to the much later (ca.1990's) board game The Slammer, produced by Ruppert Games. Tee-Pee-Gee can be played by up to six players, and while it appears fairly easy at first glance, the dynamics are quite complicated, with game pieces representing inmates, messengers, guards, and visitors. The possibility for numerous moves exists, dictated by the roll of the dice, cards chosen, and each players respective positioning on the board. Prisoners can be released or can choose to escape, with or without the help of visitors. The winner of the game is the player with all their prisoners outside the walls, either as "pardoned" or "fugitives," and their visitor(s) "in good standing" with the prison officials. Rare; we find no example for sale at the time of this writing (March, 2015), and no record in OCLC. Board game, consisting of one (1) game board (21.5" x 22"), set of two (2) red acrylic dice, 41 round and square painted wood pieces in black, white, green, red, yellow, blue, and brown (one black piece replaced), 17 game cards (2.25" x 3.75", printed on rectos only), and original instruction manual (6" x 4"). Dice, game pieces, and cards housed in the original manufacturers two-piece box. Game board is hinged with linen, lightly worn at extremities with some occasional board exposure; instruction manual is browned overall, folded in half, with some splitting along spine fold and holographic notes to front and rear wrappers. Box for entire game not present, though it is unclear whether or not one was issued. Presumed complete.

Price: $450.00

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