[Original typescript, signed] A Letter To Ché Guevara. COMMUNISTS, Will INMAN.

[Original typescript, signed] A Letter To Ché Guevara

[New York: 1967]. A substantial elegiac poem addressed to the memory of Ché, composed only two days after his death at the hands of a CIA-backed Bolivian hit-squad. Inman (1923-2009) was a former Communist Party organizer who, following his run-in with HUAC, reinvented himself as a poet beginning in the early Sixties. His long career included the founding and editorship of the influential mimeo journal Kauri, which he ran from 1964-1977.

The recipient of this poem, Israel "Izzy" Young, was the long-time proprietor of the Folklore Center in lower Manhattan, an important locus of Greenwich Village bohemianism in the Fifties and Sixties (now best remembered as the site of Bob Dylan's first New York concert). Young hosted many underground poetry readings at the Folklore Center, one of these likely being the occasion of Inman's inscription. We can find no evidence that this poem was published, at least not under its current title. Hand-typed manuscript on two 11" x 8-1/2" sheets of onionskin typewriter paper. Poem of 88 lines, dated in type "10-11 October 1967," inscribed in black ink in margin: "for Israel Young / from Will Inman," dated 23 November 1967. Old fold lines; marginal stain to first leaf; Very Good.

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