Brian Flanagan For Sheriff Watch Him Run. NEW LEFT, Anonymous Artist.

Brian Flanagan For Sheriff Watch Him Run

N.p. [Chicago: 1969]. Original silk-screened poster in three colors, 23" x 29". Browned at margins, but image area bright and clean. Archivally hinged to acid-free backing, in gallery frame.

Brian Flanagan (b. 1946) was a member of both SDS and the Weathermen, and directly connected to the fatal Greenwich Village apartment explosion in which three Weathermen were killed while preparing for a bomb attack on Fort Dix (Flanagan had reputedly left the apartment briefly for more supplies). This extremely rare poster promotes Flanagan's parodic write-in campaign for Mayor of Chicago during the Days of Rage. Following a fateful run-in with City Attorney Richard Elrod on the streets of Chicago, in which Elrod was left with a broken neck and partial paralysis, Flanagan was tried for attempted murder and inciting mayhem. He was eventually acquitted on all charges, but the case became a cause celebre for the Weathermen and other radical left groups. An extremely ephemeral piece, likely produced in tiny quantities and posted even less.

Price: $1,500.00

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