What Socialists Think [a Series of 5 Leaflets, Including]: I: How We Explain People's Actions; II: How the Laborer Makes Surplus Value and How the Capitalist Gets It; III: The Class Struggle Between Workers and Owners; IV: The Co-operative Commonwealth; V: The Socialist Party of America

Chicago: Charles H. Kerr, N.d. [ca 1905-1911]. Extremely scarce set of Kerr Socialist leaflets, issued ca. 1905-1911. Preliminary text on first leaflet reads: "This is the first of five leaflets which taken together are an attempt to explain in simple language the principles held by the International Socialists, represented in this country by the Socialist Party of America."

No date given, but final leaflet lists J. Mahlon Barnes as the National Secretary of the Socialist Party, a post Barnes held from 1905 to 1911. Some of these texts appear to have been re-used by Kerr as chapters in his 1910 pamphlet "What To Read On Socialism." OCLC finds no physical locations, either for the series or any of the individual leaflets. Five leaflets, each a single sheet folded to make 4pp, ca 14cm x 9cm. Paper slightly toned, but not brittle; light soil; Very Good. The complete series.

Price: $250.00

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