Original hand-drawn poster: Broadcasting From Safety Division Station U.S.A. - Your Announcer, Uncle Sam

N.p. [1930]. A rustic but quite charming juvenile production, in which a large, central portrait of Uncle Sam is flanked by images demonstrating proper safety techniques for young workers. The truck at center right bears the insignia "U.S. CCC," and most of the figures are uniformed, leading us to the conclusion that this poster was created as part of a Civilian Conservation Corps youth project, probably meant to be displayed in a common-room or barracks. The CCC brought together youth from all walks of life -- including many from inner city urban environments -- to work in largely rural settings; in such a context, we imagine such advice as "A falling tree may strike some one near you" may truly have been life-saving. Original pen-and-ink composition with colored-pencil highlights, 28" x 22" (ca 71cm x 56cm). In hand-made pine frame (likely original); overall dimensions 31" x 25" (ca 79cm x 64cm). General wear, soiling, and age, with surface abrasions, scratches, and old stains to margins; crudely placed in frame, without backing or mat; Good.

Price: $450.00

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