Promotional poster for the 1938 Exploitation Film "Crime School" JUVENILE DELINQUENCY - FILM.

Promotional poster for the 1938 Exploitation Film "Crime School"

[Los Angeles]: Warner Brothers, 1938. Rare odd-size promotional broadside for the 1938 Warner Brothers exploitation drama "Crime School," starring Humphrey Bogart and the Dead End Kids. In addition to stills and renderings from the film, the piece includes a full plot synopsis - something not included on any of the dozens of other promotional items for the film we have inspected. Apparently produced for the New York premier in 1938, at the Astor Theatre, and likely produced not by the studio but the the theatre itself as part of its promotional campaign. Conceivably intended for distribution to the press, but we posit that the piece was more likely created for mailing to schools and civic organizations, who would no doubt be attracted to the film's "scared straight" approach to juvenile delinquency. Not seen at auction or in commerce. Lithograph in two colors, 21" x 16-1/2" (ca 54cm x 42cm). Vertical and horizontal fold lines; mild toning to paper on verso; Near Fine - Grade A/A-.

Price: $300.00

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