[Broadside] Abajo el Fanatismo!! Abajo Los Curas!! Viva La CRMDT. ANTI-CLERICALISM, LABOR UNIONS, MEXICO.

[Broadside] Abajo el Fanatismo!! Abajo Los Curas!! Viva La CRMDT

n.p. C.R.M.D.T. (Confederacion Revolucionaria Michoacana del Trabajo), 1932. Rare poster issued by the C.R.M.D.T., a far left party of Michoacan state that advocated land and labor reform on socialist principles as well as total abolition of church involvement in government activities. The text urges campesinos, workers, feminists, and even temperance groups to band together to form vigilance committees to "redouble the anticlerical struggle throughout the state...against the priests ("ensanados") in particular, and against religious fanaticism in general!" This strong wave of anti-clericalism served to sweep out the corrupt government of Porfirio Diaz in 1934, when the progressive PRI, under the leadership of Lazara Cardenas, came into power. Somewhat worn, but likely the only example in existence of this extremely ephemeral item. Broadside, ca. 24" x 16", on newsprint. Old folds; marginal losses; brief ink annotation at upper right. Brief losses to text, without loss of sense, at center fold.

Price: $450.00

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