[Item #10132] Sammelband of 10 Russian-American and Ukrainian-American Revolutionary Imprints. COMMUNISTS, N. Lenin, N. Bukharin, A. Kollontai, others.

Sammelband of 10 Russian-American and Ukrainian-American Revolutionary Imprints

New York: Various Publishers, Various Dates. 12mo (17cm.); ten volumes bound as one, in contemporary cloth-backed marbled boards. Ten pamphlets printed between 1908 and ca. 1920. Slight fading to cloth spine; boards rubbed; private paper label at base of backstrip. Internally Very Good, with variable ageing to text pages; one pamphlet trimmed, with loss of imprint (see note below); generally free of markings of wear; Very Good.

1. N. Lenin (pseud. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov). Zadachi proletariata v nashei revoliutsii : proekt platformy proletarskoi partii (“Tasks of the Proletariat in Our Revolution. A Project of the Party”). N’iu-Iork [i.e. New York]: Russkoi Sotsialisticheskoi Federatsii, 1919. First American printing of a seminal Lenin pamphlet (first appeared in Pravda, April 7, 1917; first separate printing was October 1917) in which he presented his famous “April Theses.” Issued a scant month after the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, Lenin’s “Theses” would define the course of the Revolution through the events of July and October, leading eventually to the ascendancy of the Bolshevik cadre. OCLC locates 3 copies of this printing (December, 2018).

2. Bukharin, N. [Nikolai Ivanovich]. Programma kommunistov (bol’shevikov) (“The Programof the Communists (Bolsheviks). N’iu Iork [New York], Russkoi Sotsialisticheskoi Federatsii,1919. First American printing. Major elucidation of the Bolshevik program by one of its leading theorists. Bukharin was actually resident in New York until after the October Revolution, where with Alexandra Kollontai he edited the socialist émigré journal “Novy Mir.”

3. Kollontai, A. [Alexandra]. Kto takie sotsialisty i chego oni khotiat? (“Who Are the Socialists and What do They Want?”). N’iu-Iork [New York]: Pervago Russkago Otdiela Amerikanskoi Sotsialisticheskoi Partii, 1918. Preceded by a Minsk edition of 1917. There was no English translation.

4. [Gershuni , Grigorii Andreevich] V’ ozhidanii kazni: razskaz osuzhdennago (“Awaiting Execution – the Story of a Condemned Man”). N’iu-Iork [New York]: Pervoe Russkoe izd-vo v Amerikie (First Russian Publishing Corporation in America, Inc.), n.d. (ca 1920). First-person narrative of a prominent Russian-Jewish terrorist, a major figure in the 1905 Revolution, executed in 1908. OCLC locates 4 copies, and no other editions of this work.

5. Stotskii, M K . Svobodnyia mysli; sbornik stikhotvorenii (“Free Thoughts: A Collection of Poems”). N’iu Iork (New York): Tip. Lavrovskogo. N.d. (ca 1920). Stotskii identified as a prolific Ukrainian-American leftist, poet, and publisher. This collection never republished. OCLC:L Brown only.

6. Gogol, N [ikolai] V[asil’evich]. Povest’ o tom, kak possorilsia Ivan Ivanovich s Ivanom Nikiforovichem (“A Story of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich”). N’iu-Iork (New York) : Pervoe Russkoe izd-vo v Amerikie (“First Russian Publishing Corporation in America”). N.d. (ca 1920). One of Gogol’s most-reprinted stories; this edition not located.

7. Lavrovskii M.I. [Mikhail Iakovlevich]. Geografiia vseia Rusi : satira (“Geography of Russia: A Satire”) New York : (Pinski-Massel Press), 1914.. By a Ukrainian-American writer and publisher; this appears to be the only recorded edition of this work. OCLC: NYPL and Princeton only.

8. (Anon) Tayna Germanskago Shpionazha (“The Secret of German Espionage”) N’iu-Iork (New York): Typografia M. Ia. Lavrovskogo. N.d (ca 1917?) Not located. Series title: Biblioteka Sensatsiya. We can find no evidence that this was preceded by a Russian edition; OCLC locates one copy of an anonymous pamphlet similarly titled in English, My Experiences in the German Espionage; NY: Rogowski Linotype, 1916.

9. Franko, Ivan.Vybir poezii Ivana Franka (“Selection of Poems by Ivan Franko”)
Salem, MA: Nakl. druk. M. Hal’ka i H. Lesiuka, 1908. OCLC 4cc. Franko (1856-1916) Ukrainian revolutionary poet; this appears to be the earliest American printing of any of his poems, and an uncommon Ukrainian-American imprint.

10. “Karmeliuk” (pseud). Novaia nagornaia propovied (“New People’s Sermon”).
[N’iu-Iork, Izdatel’skaia gruppa "Golos truda", 1916] (trimmed, with loss of imprint; publisher’s information taken from OCLC entry). Pseudonym of Ukrainian anarchist Evgeny Lozinski, a follower of the Polish revolutionary Machajski; purged by Stalin in 1934.

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