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Noir & Rouge Brochure, Supplement 29: Anarchisme (Encyclopedia Britannica ed. 1958).
Paris: Noir et Rouge, 1963. Text entirely in French. Presents, without commentary, a French translation of the article on "Anarchism" in the 1958 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Noir & Rouge Brochure was the periodical organ of Noir & Rouge, the platformist anarchist group founded in 1955 after a split...
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Original Broadside: Post Mortem Ante Facto
New York: Situationist International, 1969. First Edition. Issued January 10, 1969 as a "supplement" to the first issue of the American journal Situationist International, the imminent publication of which it announces. Possibly the first official pronouncement of the American Situationists following their admission to the SI in December, 1968. The...
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Original Broadside: The Opening In Iran
Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, 1979. An original broadside published by the American pro-Situ group "Bureau of Public Secrets," praising the 1979 revolution in Iran: "The uprising in Iran is the most beautiful event since the Hungarian revolution of 1956. It has shake all the ruling powers of the world...
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Original Broadside: The Opening In Iran

The American Ruling Class Is Crazy
Baltimore: Vacant Lots Press, 1979. A pro-situ publication containing a selection of photocopied paste-ups reflecting the premise of the title. Presented as a sort of dossier (Report No.25) by Research Group One and The Bureau of Public Secrets, from documents compiled between 1976-1978. Scarce in the trade, with OCLC locating...
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The American Ruling Class Is Crazy

Diversion - Number 1 (June, 1973)
Brooklyn: Diversion, 1973. First Edition. First and only number of this journal, styled after the Internationale Situationniste and featuring a number of articles from French S.I. journals translated into English. Produced by Jon Horelick, who was by this time one of the few remaining members of the American section of...
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Diversion - Number 1 (June, 1973)

Greve Sauvage: Dodge Truck June 1974
Paris: Echanges et Mouvement, 1977. First Edition. Quarto. Mimeographed wrappers; 32p; illus. Light wear; Near Fine. Analysis of the 1972 Wildcat Strike at Chrysler's Warren Truck Plant; well-illustrated with (mimeographed) photographs by Millard Berry. Uncommon early issue of "Echange," the organ of the French leftist network "Echange et Mouvement," which...
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Treatise On Living
Palo Alto: The Re-Invention of Everyday Life, [n.d. but ca.1970's]. Pamphlet containing excerpts from the English translation of Traite de Savoir Vivre a l'usage des jeunes generations, including others from "Treatise on Living" and "Some Advice Concerning Generalized Self-Management." Produced by The Re-Invention of Everyday Life, a pro-Situ group that...
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Treatise On Living