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Noir & Rouge Brochure, Supplement 29: Anarchisme (Encyclopedia Britannica ed. 1958).
Paris: Noir et Rouge, 1963. Text entirely in French. Presents, without commentary, a French translation of the article on "Anarchism" in the 1958 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Noir & Rouge Brochure was the periodical organ of Noir & Rouge, the platformist anarchist group founded in 1955 after a split...
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Original Broadside: The Opening In Iran
Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, 1979. An original broadside published by the American pro-Situ group "Bureau of Public Secrets," praising the 1979 revolution in Iran: "The uprising in Iran is the most beautiful event since the Hungarian revolution of 1956. It has shake all the ruling powers of the world...
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Original Broadside: The Opening In Iran

The American Ruling Class Is Crazy
Baltimore: Vacant Lots Press, 1979. A pro-situ publication containing a selection of photocopied paste-ups reflecting the premise of the title. Presented as a sort of dossier (Report No.25) by Research Group One and The Bureau of Public Secrets, from documents compiled between 1976-1978. Scarce in the trade, with OCLC locating...
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The American Ruling Class Is Crazy

Diversion - Number 1 (June, 1973)
Brooklyn: Diversion, 1973. First Edition. First and only number of this journal, styled after the Internationale Situationniste and featuring a number of articles from French S.I. journals translated into English. Produced by Jon Horelick, who was by this time one of the few remaining members of the American section of...
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Diversion - Number 1 (June, 1973)

Greve Sauvage: Dodge Truck June 1974
Paris: Echanges et Mouvement, 1977. First Edition. Quarto. Mimeographed wrappers; 32p; illus. Light wear; Near Fine. Analysis of the 1972 Wildcat Strike at Chrysler's Warren Truck Plant; well-illustrated with (mimeographed) photographs by Millard Berry. Uncommon early issue of "Echange," the organ of the French leftist network "Echange et Mouvement," which...
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Treatise On Living
Palo Alto: The Re-Invention of Everyday Life, [n.d. but ca.1970's]. Pamphlet containing excerpts from the English translation of Traite de Savoir Vivre a l'usage des jeunes generations, including others from "Treatise on Living" and "Some Advice Concerning Generalized Self-Management." Produced by The Re-Invention of Everyday Life, a pro-Situ group that...
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Treatise On Living